Engaging and Interactive


High Point has been equipping young people with a Biblical Worldview for over 12 years and we have received countless stories of Christian young people returning home with a new vision for sharing that vision with others.

Value of Life

In this session Sarah Barnett reveals how God Himself created all human life, therefore all people have intrinsic value. This session will discuss how our culture is devaluing life and what we must to do to defend the God-given right to life.

Biblical Worldview

Are you a Biblically based Christian? Statistics reveal that 4 out of 5 Americans claim to be Christian, but only 9% have a Biblical worldview. In this session, David Pate will challenge your thinking and cause young leaders to see the importance of having a Biblical worldview.


There are two types of people, those who have money and those who don’t. In this session, Pastor Tim Brooks will teach leaders to understand money, its purpose, and being a steward over it. This session will teach what the scripture says about saving and tithing.

Leadership 1 & 2

Everyone has leadership potential. In these sessions, Josh Barnett and Tim Barton will motivate leaders to embrace their God-given call to be a leader.

Authority and Authenticity of The Bible

The Bible has been under attack by the secular culture since its inception.  Today even many churches are questioning the authority of the Bible. In this session, Paul Kern will reveal how the Bible is the most authoritative work of antiquity in existence. Paul will compare the Bible to other popular works of antiquity and show how the Bible surpases them all.

Imago Dei

In Genesis 2, God created man in His image to be either male or female. We have been given an identity by God for His high and holy purpose. Our culture is trying to redefine the image in which we were created. In this session, Josh Barnett will teach young leaders how to hold fast to their identity without allowing the trends and confusion of today’s culture to sway them into believing a lie.

America’s Founders

In this session, leaders will discover the rich Christian heritage of this great nation. Tim Barton, son of David Barton, the founder of WallBuilders.com, makes the history of America’s founders come alive! Campers will be challenged and amazed to discover the deep Christian roots of the founding fathers.

Understanding Authority

In our culture authority is often despised and seen as an enemy rather than a God ordained system of blessings and influence. In this session, Josh Barnett reveals the blessings that are available to those that humble themselves and submit themselves to the authority God has placed in their lives.

Truth of Origin

In this session leaders will see convincing proofs to the Biblical account of creation. Brandon Tryon presents a challenging and informative account that will help leaders challenge opposing views to God’s story of creation.

Music and Media

Music and media have played a key role in all cultures for all times. These are powerful mediums that have influenced the thinking of countless generations. David Pate reveals the powerful influence of music and movies on your moods, emotions and most importantly your worldview.

Lord, Liar, Lunatic

Throughout history people have formed many opinions about the man Jesus Christ. Some thought He was a liar, others thought He was a lunatic, and others saw Him as Lord. In this session, Paul Kern will leave no doubt in your mind as to who Jesus Christ really is.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is a gift from God and the key way we communicate and become one with our creator. Paul Kern reveals in this session how exciting, powerful, and transforming prayer is in the life of a leader.


Homosexuality is a growing trend in America. The sin of homosexuality has been the downfall of nations. In this session, David Pate will teach leaders the danger of this destructive sin, but he will also reveal the heart of God for those trapped in its hold.


God brought Adam and Eve together at the dawn of time. However, since that union, there have been many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the purpose of relationships between the opposite sexes. In this funny and animated session, Josh Barnett explores the importance of making the right choice in romantic relationships and when leaders are ready for this important step in their lives.

World Religions

Our world is full of many deceptive and false religions. In this sessions, Melissa Glenn reveals many of the most popular false religions and equips young leaders to recognize the deceptive teachings that they employ.