Please read this page before filling out the application!

Dear Applicant:

High Point has always held very high standards in choosing the counselors. High Point is a conservative Christian Camp that believes counselors are extremely influential upon the young people who come to camp, so we are very selective in whom we hire. Our standards require that every counselor be a Christian and be solid in their relationship with Jesus and understand the Lordship of Christ. If you smoke, drink, use drugs are sexually active or use profanity, there will be no need for you to apply at High Point.

Working as a counselor is an awesome experience and you can make great friends during the summer, but being a camp counselor is also hard work. The summertime is hot and the days are long. If your physical condition is not such to be able to stand a rigorous schedule, then it would be best not to consider High Point this summer.

Our counselors need to be able to teach, be outgoing, know how to have fun and lead with maturity. Many times there are more applications than there are positions to fill; we would like to hire everyone who qualifies, but sometimes that is impossible.

After reviewing your application and receiving your Pastor’s reference, if we feel there is a place for you at High Point, we will contact you and set up a time for a personal interview.

The Lord knows just what is needed and just who needs to be here for the summer. We do hope that everything comes together and you are able to work at High Point this year. If not, then we ask that God show you His will and that you will be greatly blessed with a great summer!

Josh Barnett

Please be sure and fill out the entire application.