The Vision

High Point has been challenging young people for over 12 years and we have received countless stories of Christian young people returning home with a new vision for having a biblical worldview and imparting that vision into others. Statistics show that 70% to 88% of students deny their faith before they graduate from college. At High Point, you will learn how to be a leader by defending your faith and how to stand strong among those who would destroy it.

In our day classes, leaders will learn about leadership, financial management, our government’s Godly roots, strong work ethic, humanism, creationism, the sanctity of life, and much, much more. Leaders will be educated to have a biblical worldview. As Christians we must think and act biblically. In our night services, leaders will be inspired, motivated, encouraged and challenged by anointed preaching. The contemporary praise band will usher leaders into God’s Presence where healing and restoration can occur.

So, now you are left with 2 choices: you can be a statistic or you can change the statistic. If you want to be one that changes the statistic, then sign up now for this powerful week. We will see you there!