The Vision

High Point has been challenging young people for over 12 years and we have received countless stories of Christian young people returning home with a new vision for having a biblical worldview and imparting that vision into others. Statistics show that 70% to 88% of students deny their faith before they graduate from college. At [...]

Worship Experience

At High Point we provide an atmosphere of intense worship where leaders are free to express their love and devotion to God and take their worship of God to another level.

Tribal Wars

Each leader will be assigned a team to compete in High Point’s tribal wars. Not only does each team compete for an award presented at the end of the week, but leaders are also challenged in way that develops leadership, fuels decision-making, enhances creativity, and promotes teamwork.



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High Point | Building Tomorrow’s Leaders
548 Brookhill Ranch Road
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71909




Registration Begins Monday at 4:30pm
(No early Registration)
Closing Ceremonies begin
9:30am Saturday (Parents Welcome)