Engaging and Interactive


High Point has been equipping young people with a Biblical Worldview for over 15 years and we have received countless stories of Christian young people returning home with a new vision for sharing that vision with others.

This is a full list of sessions we cover. The particular sessions covered change each summer.

Value of Life

In this session, Youth Pastor Sarah Barnett reveals how God Himself created all human life, therefore all people have intrinsic value. This session will discuss how our culture is devaluing life and what we must to do to defend the God-given right to life.

CRT (Critical Race Theory)

Critical race theory understands and critiques power and oppression along lines of race, ethnicity, class, gender, ability, sexuality, and many other factors. This ideology sees the world as a struggle between oppressed groups and their oppressors. In this session, Melisa Goad will talk about the destructive, divisive and racist influence of CRT in todays culture.


Everyone has leadership potential. In these sessions, Youth Pastor Josh Barnett will motivate leaders to embrace their God-given call to be a leader.


In this session, Youth Pastor Josh Barnett will teach leaders the importance of sexual purity and godly relationships. Culture tells us today that the Biblical pattern is outed, but Josh examines the outcomes of pursuing God’s way.

In this session pastor Heidi Kinnamon will inspire young people to activate their faith! The scripture says, “faith without action is dead”. Leaders will be taught to have a faith that is alive and being put to use daily.


In this session pastor Heidi Kinnamon will teach on giftings. Spiritual gifts and miracles aren’t for the elite, they are given to each believer to use so they can be effective in spreading the gospel and to ministering to the needs of the body of Christ.


In our culture authority is often despised and seen as an enemy rather than a God ordained system of blessings and influence. In this session, Josh Barnett reveals the blessings that are available to those that humble themselves and submit themselves to the authority God has placed in their lives.


Many young adults today have a negative view of becoming an adult. They have heard and seen far too many adults complaining about their current circumstances. In this session, Leaders Academy Administrator Paul Kern will reveal the many benefits of maturing and taking on more responsibility. Becoming an adult is an exciting season of life that every young person should desire and pursue.

The Problem of Evil and Suffering

For many people it is hard to understand how God can be good and all powerful because of the evil and suffering that are in our world. In this session, Leaders Academy Administrator Paul Kern will tackle this tough question and provide leaders with answers that make sense.


Homosexuality is a growing trend in America. The sin of homosexuality has been the downfall of nations. In this session, Youth Pastor Sarah Barnett will teach leaders the danger of this destructive sin, but he will also reveal the heart of God for those trapped in its hold.


In this session, Lukas Vaughn addresses the question: “What is worship?” And “what does God think of our worship?”


God brought Adam and Eve together at the dawn of time. However, since that union, there have been many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the purpose of relationships between the opposite sexes. In this funny and animated session, Garet Aldridge explores the importance of making the right choice in romantic relationships and when leaders are ready for this important step in their lives.

Progressive Christianity and Deconstructionism

What started out as a response to doubt, legalism, abuse, and hypocrisy within the church, progressive Christianity has now evolved into it’s own religion. Many young adults today are deconstructing the values and truths they were taught, and coming up with an entirely different religion – with another Jesus – and another gospel. This session is designed to help young adults respond the right way to imperfections within the church.